NODE.London [Networked, Open, Distributed, Events. London] is committed to building the infrastructure and raising the visibility of media arts practice in London. Working on an open, collaborative basis, NODE.London will culminate, in its first year, in a month long season of media arts projects across London in March 2006.

From collaborative mapping projects on the street, to community radio and free wireless networks in the air, people across London are finding new and creative ways to produce, display and distribute art and media, and exciting new ways to work, connect and communicate. NODE.L is a showcase for work that in production and/or exhibition, performance and processes, employs electronic or digital technologies (whether audiovisual, computerised, or telematic).

While NODE.L will be International in terms of participation, we are really serious about the 'London' bit. NODE.L will be city-wide, seeking out every borough, bridge, and public walkway; towering views, glass and steel, crumbling brick, winding alleys and waterways us locate media art in London, and put yourself on that map too.

Group Members
Group Members: 
tessa garland
Andy Forbes
Tim Jones
Colm Lally
Larisa Blazic
Luci Eyers
saul albert
Heather Corcoran
Ruth Catlow
Marc Garrett
Laura Sullivan
Joel Cahen
Ilze Black
Chloe Vaitsou
Jon Cambeul
Emily Druiff
Lewis Sykes
Emma Quinn
Amy Robins
Jake Strickland
Isabel Lilly
Richard Wright
Roger Rees
Lauren Wright
Keith Watson
Corrado Morgana
Josef Davies-Coates
tina hage
Charlotte Frost
Kelli Dipple
Nagore Salaberria
Graham Harwood
Gini Simpson
Ben Invasion
David Goldenberg
Marina Vishmidt
Nic Kemp
Hannah Talbot
David Muth
Leanne Bird
Nick Lambert
Hannah Redler
Armin Medosch
Ghislaine Boddington
Armand Terruli
Anna Clark
Tindara Sidoti
Peter Ride
Ed Baxter
Viveka Marksjo
Neal White
Jim Wood
David Upton
manjit bedi
Julien Ottavi
Alex Haw
Mauritius Seeger
Anna Colin
Ed Whyman
Caroline Ward
Max Schleser
Laura Henry
Ian Grant
Adnan Hadzi
Andi Studer
Mia Jankowicz
Alan Sutcliffe
Chris Lane
Robin Beitra
Stephen Boyd Davis
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