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Keith Watson
duan wasi

art, new media & technologie

research projects about Art,
New Media &...

laura lesaus

Trying to post an event on Nodel!

Pete Gravell

cultural researcher and advocator

Peter Langmar
Martin A. Smith

Composer and sound artist whose work is concerned with the creation of atmosphere rather than of...

Martin A Smith
Critical Practice
Sarah Hogarth

Student MA Interactive Media at Goldsmiths. Currently researching dance as potential (part of)...

Sozita Goudouna
Nous 4M
Gallery Maya
Jessie McLaughlin
Lucy Sollitt
Karl England
Abigail Reynolds Abigail Reynolds
ad min admin
Adele Prince

London based artist working in interactive media, live art and print.

My work takes many...

Adele Prince
Adnan Hadzi

Adnan Hadzi is undertaking a practice-based PhD, 'the author vs. the collective', that focuses...

Adnan Hadzi

Adnan Hadzi is undertaking a practice-based PhD, 'the author vs. the collective', that focuses...

adnan hadzi
Adrian Toll Adrian Toll
Adrian Ward Adrian Ward
Adriana Lima

I am graduated in archtecture and I have been also working with digital photograph.

Adriana Marques Adriana Marques
Alan Liddiard Alan Liddiard
Alan Sutcliffe Alan Sutcliffe
Alastair Dant Alastair Dant
Alessia Giustiniano

MA in Media Studies @ The New School in New York. Video producer / VJ, interested in live video...

Alessia Giustiniano
Alex Haw

architect and artist working with buildings, spaces, installations, video and other immersive...

Alex Kent

Photographer and programmer.

Alex Kent
Alex McLean Alex McLean
alex tyrell

Events manager at the Dana Centre

alex tyrell
Alexei Blinov Alexei Blinov
Alison Craighead Alison Craighead
Alpha-ville 2010, Festival of Digital Arts, Music and Culture

Alpha-ville is the new London Festival of Digital Arts, Music and Culture that will take place...

Alpha-ville Festival
Amy Robins Amy Robins
Anabela Zigova

Born 1974 in Bratislava, former Czechoslovakia, Anabela Zigova
grew up in a context where...

Anabela Zigova
Anders Bojen Anders Bojen
Andi Studer Andi Studer
Andrea Crociani Andrea Crociani
Andrew Back 9600
Andrew McWilliams

Practitioner in digital media arts, software & web development.

Andy Deck Andy Deck
Andy Forbes

atty has been active organizing and creating within the network and digital arts medium and...

Andy Forbes
Andy Robinson Andy Robinson
anila ladwa anila ladwa
Anna Clark Anna Clark
Anna Colin Anna Colin
Anthony Iles Anthony Iles
Antonio Mendoza

Antonio Mendoza lives in L.A. with his wife, two children and five working computers.


Antonio Mendoza
Arcangel Constantini Arcangel Constantini
Armand Terruli

Creative Director of bodydataspace, Architect, Designer, Video Artist

Armand Terruli is a...

Armand Terruli
Armin Medosch

Armin Medosch is a writer, curator and artist. He is currently a PhD research student at...

Armin Medosch
art.e art.e
Ashley John Ashley John
Ayiah Jahan

Ayiah combines art, film making and social activism to produce work that directly impacts on...

Ayiah Jahan
Aymeric Mansoux

Artist and co-founder of Goto10 (http://...

Aymeric Mansoux
Beatrice Gibson Beatrice Gibson
Ben Invasion

Bloke who does stuff.

Bloke who has been doing stuff for some time now.

Ben Invasion
Benedict Drew Benedict Drew
Bernard Debaillie Bernard Debaillie
bingoMaster bingoMaster
bodydataspace bodydataspace
Brian Mulvihill Brian Mulvihill
Bruno Martelli

Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli have collaborated on experimental multimedia projects since...

Bruno Martelli
cagrim tarimer cagrim tarimer
Camden McDonald

He made his professional stage debut in 1972 at the age of 13 in Brecht's Galileo at Derby...

Camden McDonald

Copyfight! enables the audience to be producer and commissioner at the same time. The issue is...

Caroline Ward Caroline Ward
Catherine Philpott

Richmond Studios Productions (RSP)...

Richmond Studios Productions
Celine Condorelli Celine Condorelli
Charlie Dark Charlie Dark
Charlotte Frost Charlotte Frost
Chas de Swiet Chas de Swiet
Chloe Vaitsou Chloe Vaitsou
Chris Lane Chris Lane
Christian Nold

Christian Nold is an artist and cultural activist living in London and currently a teacher at...

Christian Nold
Christiane Paul

Christiane Paul is the Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art...

Christiane Paul
christopher fry christopher fry
Chun Lee

Chun Lee is a musician/composer from Taipei, Taiwan who now lives and works in London. Initially...

Chun Lee
Claire McRandal Claire McRandal
Clare Gasson

Goldsmiths College p/t M.A. Fine Art 2002-2004

Selected shows:

Clare Gasson
Cleo Broda Cleo Broda
Colm Lally

Colm Lally is director of E:vent

Colm Lally
corby & baily

Gavin Baily
Gavin studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (1990-93), and...

corby & baily
Corrado Morgana

OpenCongress Organiser

Corrado Morgana
Daniel Gosling

Daniel Gosling is an artist.

Daniel Gosling is an artist who conceives his practice in...

Daniel Gosling
Daniela Boraschi Daniela Boraschi
Dans Sans Joux Dans Sans Joux
Darshana Vora Darshana Vora
Dave Griffiths Dave Griffiths
Dave Patten

Head of Broadcast, Media & Web, Science Museum, London

Dave Patten
David Goldenberg

David Goldenberg is a London based independent practitioner, curator, writer
Organiser of...

David Goldenberg
David Lintern

projector music person, aka yimkin, sound engineer and digital music maker.

music for...

David Lintern
David McLellan

David McLellan is a London based artist and designer working with interactive media, spaces and...

David McLellan
David Muth

musician, artist & programmer

David Muth is a London based musician, artist and...

David Muth
David Ridley


I am a musician, writer and cultural critic in training, currently making music at...

Grave Riddle
David Upton David Upton
Deej Fabyc Deej Fabyc
Denizhan Ozer

Artist and curator of Strangers With Angelic Faces

Denizhan Ozer
dextro since 1995: abstract...

Dimitri Launder Dimitri Launder

Copyfight! enables the audience to be producer and commissioner at the same time. The issue is...

Don Chow

Don Chow is an Asian Canadian migrant cultural worker interested in healing and spiritual...

Don Chow
Don Foresta Don Foresta
Dougie Irvine

Dougie Irvine is a playwrite and Artistic Director of Visible Fictions Theatre Company.

Dougie Irvine
Dr. Doron Friedman

Dr. Friedmans current research focuses on neurophysiology-based VR.

Ph.D. CS., Tel Aviv...

Dr. Doron Friedman
Dr. Hugo Critchley Dr. Hugo Critchley
drew hammet drew hammet
Duncan Speakman Duncan Speakman
Eazy Eazy
Ebany Bennet Ebany Bennet
Ed Baxter Ed Baxter
Ed Whyman Ed Whyman
edgar de oliveira edgar de oliveira
Edward Hill Edward Hill
Elkin Atwell Elkin Atwell
Ellie Harrison

Ellie Harrison is a multi-media artist currently based in Nottingham.

Ellie Harrison is a...

Ellie Harrison
Elout de Kok

Elout de Kok, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A new-media Artist, visual-coder,...

Elout de Kok
Elvina Flower Elvina Flower
Elyssa Livergant Elyssa Livergant
Emilie Giles e.j.giles
Emily Druiff Emily Druiff
Emma Davidson Emma Davidson
Emma Lawrence

Experimental Psychologist

Dr Emma Lawrence is a postdoctoral experimental psychologist at...

Emma Lawrence
Emma Lewis Emma Lewis
Emma Quinn

The Institute of Contemporary Arts was established in 1947 to champion ground breaking art in...

Emma Quinn
Erkan Ozgen Erkan Ozgen
FACT Liverpool

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) has been leading the UK video, film and new...

FACT Liverpool
Faisal Abdu'Allah Faisal Abdu'Allah
Fang-Yu Lin

Born in Taiwan, Fang-Yu Lin is a New York-based new media artist and designer whose artwork...

Fang-Yu Lin
Felix Nieto Felix Nieto
Flow Motion Flow Motion
flunk flunk flunk flunk
Francoise Lamy

Producer with Addictive TV and one of the founders of the Optronica festival. Also curates video...

Francoise Lamy
Franklyn Rodgers Franklyn Rodgers believes that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art...

Gabrielle Sharp Gabrielle Sharp
Gavin Alexander Gavin Alexander
Gavin Baily Gavin Baily
geneticmoo geneticmoo
Georgia Chatzivasileiadi

My research explores the limits of our visual perception and the formation of imagery by...

Georgia Chatzivasileiadi
Ghislaine Boddington

Creative Director of bodydataspace.

Ghislaine Boddington is an artist, director, curator...

Ghislaine Boddington
Gini Simpson Gini Simpson
Giulia Bonali

Giulia Bonali Date of birth: 19th November 1977

Address: 35 Elderfield road

Giulia Bonali
goodmachine goodmachine
Gordana Novakovic Gordana Novakovic
Graham Harwood Graham Harwood
Gul Ilgaz

Artist in Strangers with Angelic Faces

Gul Ilgaz
Hani Rashid Hani Rashid
Hannah Brown Hannah Brown
Hannah Prince Hannah Prince
Hannah Redler

Hannah Redler is a curator and producer of contemporary art projects specialising in new media...

Hannah Redler
Hannah Talbot Hannah Talbot
Heath Bunting Heath Bunting
Heather Corcoran Heather Corcoran
Helen Frosi Helen Frosi
Helen Sloan

Director of SCAN, the New Media Art Agency in the South of England

Helen Sloan
I Am The Mighty Jungulator I Am The Mighty Jungulator
i-digOphelia i-digOphelia
Ian Grant Ian Grant
ignacio garcia ignacio garcia
Ilze Black

Ilze Black is a media artist and curator.

She has curated numerous media productions, art...

info @ info @
Irini Mirena Papadimitriou

Head of New Media Arts Development at Watermans and Digital Programmes Co-ordinator at the V...

Irini Papadimitriou
Iris Garrelfs Iris Garrelfs
Isabel Lilly Isabel Lilly
Isambard Khroustaliov Isambard Khroustaliov
Jake Strickland

Jake is the Digital Projects Manager for Albany Digital which has been runnign for 3 Years.

Jake Strickland
James P Graham

James P Graham is a fine artist working exclusively in the 360-degree film format.


James P Graham
James Smith James Smith
James Stevens

acts directly onto every media surface in reach.. scribbling and scratching tags rants and...

James Stevens
Janek Schaefer Janek Schaefer
Jasia Reichardt Jasia Reichardt
jeff instone jeff instone
Jem Finer Jem Finer
Jemima Rellie

Loves contemporary art, culture and technology. And the future.

Jemima Rellie joined Tate...

Jemima Rellie
Jenny Ekelund

Programmer and artist.

Jenny Ekelund
Jim Prevett

Artist and Producer.

Artist: Making sculptures and web based films and performnces. See...

Jim Wood Jim Wood
Joe Banks (DIsinformation) Joe Banks (DIsinformation)
Joel Cahen Joel Cahen
Joel Gray Joel Gray
John Bell John Bell
John Hartley John Hartley
Jon Jon
Jon Cambeul

Jon began building and exhibiting interactive electronic assemblages from recycled computers...

Jon Cambeul
Jon Thomson

Jon Thomson (of Thomson & Craighead) is an artist based in London working with video, sound...

Jon Thomson
Jonathan Kemp Jonathan Kemp
Jonathan Webb Jonathan Webb
Joo Paulo Simes Joo Paulo Simes
Jorge Janela

Executive producer

See web-site

Jorge Janela
Jorge2 Janela Jorge2 Janela
Josef Davies-Coates

Sustainable Systems and Creative Regeneration consultant. Founder of uniteddiversity and co-...

Josef Davies-Coates
Josie Ballin Josie Ballin
judith fegerl

Judith Fegerl, media artist, lives and works in Vienna.
technical environments, sensitive...

judith fegerl
Julian Ronnefeldt Julian Ronnefeldt
Julie Freeman

A digital artist who uses technology to explore and expose the natural systems that surround us...

Julie Freeman
Julie Reynolds

Organiser of selected exhibition programmes.

Julie Reynolds
Julien Ottavi

Mediactivist, artist-researcher, musician and anarchitect, an active member of apo33, Julien...

Julien Ottavi
Jungulator, DJ Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog Jungulator, DJ Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog
Jussi ngeslev

Interaction Designer-specialises in physical and embodied interfaces and the merging of real and...

Jussi ngeslev
Karel Dudesek Karel Dudesek
Kasia Molga

Interdisciplinary Artist / Interactive Designer based in London

Kat Nilsson

Event Programmes Manager, Science Museum, London and Science Museum's Dana Centre

Kat Nilsson
Kat Vipers

I would like to register my interest in producing a sound-based piece of Art for Node.


Kat Vipers
Kate Lyons Kate Lyons
Kate Rich Kate Rich
Katherine Kath-Motiroti
Kathrin Kur Kathrin Kur
Katie Day Katie Day
Kavita Singh

A former Vancouverite, who is now based in London, Kavita has been building a consistent...

Kavita Singh
Kayle Brandon Kayle Brandon
Keith Watson

Node London, Secretary

Keith Watson has been involved in the London Digital Arts scene...

Kelli Dipple

Tate Webcasting Curator

Curates and manages an ongoing programme of Online Events for...

Kelli Dipple
Ken Friedman Ken Friedman
Kevin Carter Kevin Carter
Klaus Janek Klaus Janek
Kris Cohen

Writer, researcher.

Kris Cohen
Kristoffer rum Kristoffer rum
Lady Shocker Lady Shocker
Larisa Blazic

Larisa Blazic, studied architecture at Belgrade University and hypermedia at the University of...

Laura Lee LauraLee
Laura Henry Laura Henry
Laura Sullivan Laura Sullivan
laurahenry laurahenry
Lauren Wright

Lauren Wright is currently conducting research for her PhD in the London Consortium's...

Lauren Wright
Leanne Bird

Leanne Bird is General Manager and key Project Producer of bodydataspace. a new design unit...

Leanne Bird
Leila Schembri Leila Schembri
Lele Luchetti Lele Luchetti
Lennaart van Oldenborgh lenny
Levent Calikoglu Levent Calikoglu
Lewis Sykes

Cybersalon Coordinator/Cybersonica Director

Lewis Sykes
Lisa Haskel

Currently, I am doing the website for node.l.

Lisa Haskel
lisabaldini lisabaldini

Video & projection artist working and living in London

Lottie Child Lottie Child
Louise Cunnington Louise Cunnington
Louise Wright Louise Wright
Luci Eyers

Artist; model maker, focused on mediation and distribution systems for art.

I have worked...

Luci Eyers
Lucy Kimbell

Lucy Kimbell works as an artist and interaction designer. Her project for passers-by/citizens, '...

Lucy Kimbell
Man from Uranus Man from Uranus
Man Somerlinck Man Somerlinck
Manjit Bedi

I want to use technology to enable creative pursuits.

I have worked with software...

Manu Luksch Manu Luksch
Manuel Granja

Multimedia // web-designer

Manuel Granja
Marc Garrett

Net artist, curator, writer, street artist, activist, educationalist and musician.


Marc Garrett
Marc Lafia Marc Lafia
Marcel Baettig Marcel Baettig
Marcus Kirsch

Technoartist, New Media Designer and Programmer

Marcus Kirsch
Marek Kultys Marek Kultys
Maria Mencia

Research interests: Cityscapes: Social Poetics/Public Textualities, exploring public...

Maria Mencia
Maria yiasoumi Maria yiasoumi
Marina Vishmidt

I am co-ordinating the NODE.London publication and the Open Season documentation.


Marina Vishmidt
maristella colombo maris79 maristella colombo maris79
Mark Bennett Mark Bennett
Mark Fletcher Mark Fletcher
Mark Glassner Mark Glassner
Martin Bricelj Martin Bricelj
Martin Franklin

Programmer and Manager of Digital Media Centre, South Hill Park, Berkshire

Martin Franklin
Martin Howse Martin Howse
Martin John Callanan

Teaching Fellow in Fine Art Media, Slade School of Fine Art

Martin John Callanan is a...

Martin John Callanan
Mary Wells

Mary Wells is an actress.

Mary Wells
Mary Yacoob

My work centres on diagrammatic drawings, photography and sound recordings which notate habitual...

Mary Yacoob
Matsuko Yokokoji Matsuko Yokokoji
Matt Ball Matt Ball
Matt Davis Matt Davis
Matt Lloyd Matt Lloyd
Matt Wade Matt Wade
Mattin Mattin
Mauritius Seeger

VJ, video artist and programmer working on interactive video installations.


Mauritius Seeger
Max Schleser

mobile phone filmmaker
co-organiser FILMOBILE

Max Schleser
Melissa Bliss Melissa Bliss
Mia Jankowicz Mia Jankowicz
Michael Connor Michael Connor
Michael Day Michael Day
Michael Takeo Magruder Michael Takeo Magruder
Michael Weinkove Michael Weinkove
Mick Lockwood Mick Lockwood
Mike Slocombe Mike Slocombe

Mileece* is a sonic artist specialising in generative and interactive audiovisual installations...

Miriam Steinhauser

2005 MA Fine Art Goldsmiths College, London
2003 cofounding of BETA, a collaborative,...

Miriam Steinhauser
Mnica de Miranda Mnica de Miranda
Monya Pletsch

organiser dorkbot swiss

dorkbotswiss is a meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/...

Monya Pletsch
moyaa44 moyaa44
Mukul P mukul
Nagore Salaberria Nagore Salaberria
Nancy Mauro-Flude

New media performer and writer

Nancy Mauro-Flude
Nani Brunini

Trends and Design Strategist - currently writing her MPhil Dissertation at Cambridge University...

Natasha Musevic Natasha Musevic
Neal White Neal White
Neil Bromwich Neil Bromwich
Neil Jenkins Neil Jenkins
Neriman Polat Neriman Polat
Nic Kemp Nic Kemp
Nicholas Watton Nicholas Watton
Nick Lambert

Researcher in digital art and media at Birkbeck

I have interests across the field of...

Nick Lambert
Nick Luscombe Nick Luscombe
Olivier Laruelle Olivier Laruelle
Olivier Rodriguez Olivier Rodriguez
osvaldo cibils

osvaldo cibils. Visual and sound artist. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1961. Lives and works in...

Paul Abbot Paul Abbot
Paul Andrews Paul Andrews
Paul B. Davis Paul B. Davis
Paul Prudence Paul Prudence
Paul Sanders Paul Sanders
Paula Roush Paula Roush
Paulo Henrique Paulo Henrique
Pete Gomes

Pete Gomes is a Writer-Director and Artist. His work has been shown extensively world wide, and...

Pete Gomes
Peter Brownell

Greenman (sometimes known as Peter Brownell) is a bit of a big mouth. He often pretends to be...

Peter Brownell
Peter Chauncy Peter Chauncy
Peter Cornwell Peter Cornwell
Peter Myers


Peter Myers
Peter Ride Peter Ride
Petko Dourmana

I am an artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria and London, UK.
My work involve technology and new...

Pierre Vella Pierre Vella
Pinar Yolacan Pinar Yolacan
Reiss Nicholls Reiss Nicholls
Richard Colson

Richard Colson is a senior lecturer in Digital Art at Thames Valley University. He holds a BA in...

Richard Colson
Richard Dedomenici Richard Dedomenici
Richard Wright Richard Wright
Rob - Canning

Rob Canning is a composer and sound artist. His work focuses on finding a dialogue between...
Rob Dyke

animator, technologist, social engineer

visit #comwifinet on

Rob Dyke
Rob Flint Rob Flint
Rob Munro Rob Munro
Robert Cohen Robert Cohen
Robert Davis Robert Davis
Robert Hopps Robert Hopps
Robin Beitra Robin Beitra
Rod Dickinson Rod Dickinson
Rodrigo Alonso Rodrigo Alonso
Roger Rees

Fairly active voluntary organiser and co-editor of MAzine

Roger Rees
Ruairi Glynn

My research is focused around interactive architecture and specifically interactive kinetic...

Ruairi Glynn
Rui Leito

Music composer // sonic sound

see web page

Rui Leito
Ruth Catlow Ruth Catlow
Ruth Gibson

Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli have collaborated on experimental multimedia projects since...

Ruth Gibson
Ryan Jordan

Ryan Jordan is a UK based sound artist and electronic musician working with DIY Punk electronics...

Ryan Jordan
Salvatore Iaconesi Salvatore Iaconesi
Sam Curtis

Sam Curtis is an artist living in London

My work is often site-specific and can evolve...

Sam Curtis
Sancho Plan Sancho Plan
Sara Heitlinger

I'm an artisit and writer, interested in buildings, as spaces we use, interpret and remember....

Sara Heitlinger
saul albert

When I hear the word 'collaboration', I rech for my gun

I write, talk, teach, and learn...


Multi-media artist working in sonic arts and spreading the virus of ideas across the globe

Seb Noel Seb Noel
Sener Ozmen Sener Ozmen
Seza Pakei Seza Pakei
Shaun Elstob Shaun Elstob
Shona Illingworth Shona Illingworth
Shu Lea Cheang

porta2030, take2030, PLENUM

Shu Lea Cheang
Sid Volter Sid Volter
Simon Evans Simon Evans
Simon Faithfull Simon Faithfull
Simon Keep Holkham Simon Keep Holkham
Simon Pope Simon Pope
Simon Worthington Simon Worthington
Sneha Solanki Sneha Solanki
SoundFjord Dedicated Sonic Art Gallery and Research Unit

We are a dedicated Sound Art gallery named SoundFjord. Specifically, we are a gallery and...


Stanza is a London based British artist who specialises in net art, multimedia, and electronic...

Stefan Beck Stefan Beck
Stefan Szczelkun Stefan Szczelkun
Stefan2 Beck Stefan2 Beck
Stephen Boyd Davis Stephen Boyd Davis
stephen oldfield stephen oldfield
Stevan Vukovic

Writer & curator based in Belgrade
Focused on issue
based, context aware and...

Stevan Vukovic
Steven Connor Steven Connor
Stuart Home Stuart Home
Susan Collins

Susan Collins works across a range of media including sound, internet, video and interactive...

Susan Collins
swampgirl swampgirl
Sylvia G. Borda Sylvia G. Borda
Teresa Teran Teresa Teran
tessa garland tessa garland
Theresa Kiyota Rahman Theresa Kiyota Rahman
Therese Stowell Therese Stowell
Tim Jones

project coordinator for

Tim Jones
Tim Taylor Tim Taylor
Tina Gonsalves


Tina Gonsalves artist Australia

Tina Gonsalves
tina hage tina hage
Tindara Sidoti

Tindara recently graduated from the Centre for Arts Research, Technology and Education (CARTE)...

Tindara Sidoti
Tom Wallace Tom Wallace
Tony Kemplen Tony Kemplen
Tony Nwachukwu Tony Nwachukwu
Tracey Saunders-Wood Tracey Saunders-Wood
Tuvi Orbach Tuvi Orbach
Usman Haque Usman Haque
Vicki Bennett Vicki Bennett
Victor Mount Victor Mount
Vincent Van Uffelen

I am an artist and digital craftsman and exhibited my work in UK and abroad. During my time at...

Vincent Van Uffelen
Viveka Marksjo Viveka Marksjo
Wanda Yu-Ying Hu

Wanda Yu-Ying Hu, born in Taiwan 1972, lives and works in London. After being trained as an...

Wanda Yu-Ying Hu
Wim Salki

Artist based in Nimagen, The Nederlands

Wim Salki

Born 1960 in kerkrade


Wim Salki
zara allen zara allen
zara hughes zara hughes
Zev Robinson Zev Robinson
Zing Ting

This is a one day instructor-led hands-on workshop is for designers, artists and anyone else who...

Zo Walker Zo Walker