About Node London

Welcome to NODE.London: London's media art network

This website is the first release of a new website/web application for node.london activities in 2010 and beyond.

The site is designed for its users to input information directly (Yes You!). Please get involved and spread the word about your activities and the people and organisations that support you.

Main features of this site

  • Event calendar
  • Events, groups, individuals, projects and venues can all be entered and linked
  • All the data from node.london seasons and activities from March 2006 has been migrated. We are an instant archive of the community!
  • You can mail your event information to the node.london news mailing list direct from the site.
  • You can request or volunteer help to the rest of the community.
  • You can group events into a 'season' or series if you wish.
  • How to start

    Create your account and profile.

    If you had an account on the previous node.london site, please ensure that you do not create a new account. All of the links to group memberships, event participation etc. from the old site will be lost if you create a new account. Check the people listing on this site and try to find yourself. If you can find yourself but did not receive an account activation email, please send an admin request saying who you are and giving an up-to-date email address and we will enable access to your account.

    If you are new to node london, please register to create your new account and profile page. You will then appear in the 'people' listing. As we are in beta stage, please send an admin request to gain privileges to add events, groups etc. We will open this privilege to all registered users very soon when the site is stable. As you go to to create events, groups etc. you will become linked in to the rest of the site content.

    Adding new content

    If you are organising an event or are involved in a group, please help the activities represented here to grow by entering the information. Once logged in, find the block labelled 'admin' and choose 'create content'. Now you can add the kind of information you want to.

    Hopefully screencasts and documentation will be online soon, but in the meantime have a try. Read the help texts, and it should be quite intuitive how you should proceed.


    This site is in Beta stage. Please bear with us if things are not quite clear or don't work exactly as you expect. Help is to improve by sending your bugs reports/comments/suggestions via our feedback nodes. New features and better interface design will be appearing as we go along.


    NODE.London is open to any person or group who wants to help spread media art and related activity around London and beyond! If you would like to get involved, please check the NODE.London wiki and come to one of our regular meetings and introduce yourself.


    This site is built with the Drupal Open Source content management system for great maintainability and feature expansion. The theme is adapted from 'Sunny sky' with additional design elements by Larisa Blazic. Site building and custom features by Lisa Haskel, supported by an iterative design process with the Node London community, and funded by Arts Council London.

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