OWN 'Clue'

day to day support and training for boundless broadband users and holds a repository of information and document of experience.


OWN is the broadband community based in SE8 which builds and runs a mesh wireless network. As a key part of this process it facilitates day-to-day support and training for its network users, nodeholders and coop members.

'Clue' is the term often used by those offering and seeking advice about technical support and describes the exchange and loose learning which is offered in regular wireless workshops at the venues and public spaces where boundless networks are established.

Wireless Wednesdays have been running at Gifspace in Deptford from 2005 till 2007, and since 2008 in Bitspace. Anyone can drop in for help, advice and to contribute. These sessions are very popular and offer key contact with users, serving the most practical issues of network development both technical and social.

The public repository of information and experience is compiled and maintained by the network users in articles and forums at boundless.coop website.

You are welcome to join the collaborative process of learning and development, so if you are interested in getting involved or want a boundless network in your area, please get in touch. own@spc.org

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